News From Middle School Week

Hi all! Middle School Week is underway and everyone is having a great time up at Ortoha. We have 45 campers up there this week! 

Did you know we have TWO father/daughter duos on staff this week at camp? As we've introduced before, Pastor Alan Visser and Amy Schertlen have been diligently serving our campers these three weeks by preparing delicious, healthy meals and snacks in the kitchen. They are joined this week by Rev. Gary Krumdieck and his daughter Jeanette Floyd, who are both serving as speakers. Rev. Krumdieck has served as a speaker at Ortoha on many occasions, and as a result, Jeanette attended as a camper through most of her childhood. She is very excited to return and have a chance to create a wonderful experience for our campers this year. Rev. Krumdieck traveled all the way from Sutherlin, Oregon to be with us this week, while Jeannette resides in Wenatchee. 

The forecast continues to show sunshine through the rest of this week, meaning our campers are going to have a great time cooling down in the lake during afternoon rec time! We are so lucky to have such great weather for three straight weeks! 

We want to extend a special thanks to all the parents and family members who have made the trek up to Ortoha over the past three weeks to drop off and pick up these wonderful campers. We are blessed to have so many campers this year, and of course it couldn't happen without the dedication and sacrifice of their loved ones. 

Camp concludes at 7 p.m. on Thursday, but you are welcome to pick up your camper(s) early if that is more convenient for your schedule and commute. (Parents typically start arriving anytime after 5 p.m.) Please feel free to reach out if you have questions!