Camp Ortoha could not continue to exist without the effort, passion and dedication of so many individuals! Our Planning Board prepares tirelessly throughout the year, and our staff members work hard create an incredible, inclusive experience for each camper (often on very little sleep!). We are so grateful for their service!

Somewhat less visible, but still essential is the contribution of those parents and community members who help spread the word about camp. We had a very large number of first-time campers at Ortoha this year, and we recognize this is a direct result of the parents out there who aren't timid about telling other parents about the awesome experience camp delivers. No amount of marketing can replace the personal recommendation you provide! 

We also want to express gratitude for those who give of their time (stuffing envelopes, prepping arts and crafts - the list goes on!), their talents (repairing damaged buildings, tending to the plumbing, etc.), and their finances (responding to spring "wish lists," or donating on a monthly basis) throughout the year. These gifts may seem small, but they are the glue that keeps Ortoha operating all its fullest potential! 

To all who support Camp Ortoha and its mission of fun, fellowship and spiritual growth in the great outdoors: 


Are you interested in helping plan or prepare for Camp Ortoha Summer 2019? We would love to hear from you! Please email Brian Bowes today: