End of Season Updates From Ortoha

We are delighted to report a steady flow of group rentals have followed our three weeks of Youth Camp at Ortoha. Once the last group rental of the 2018 season is done, Ortoha board members will schedule a time to close camp for the winter. That is a fairly easy process, but it would be an excellent training opportunity for those interested in joining our maintenance crew. We can always use more helping hands when it comes to building and plumbing repairs, so don't hesitate to speak up if you would like to know more. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

Looking forward to the start of our 2019 camping season, we are very excited about the number of group rentals already booked! It seems like word is getting around the county about how great Ortoha's grounds and facilities are! To prepare for a big year of camping, we hope to put a new coat of paint down in the Kitchen and Mess Hall rooms in late spring. Many hands make the work light, so we'll keep you posted when a work party date gets scheduled for that project. We would love your help! 

As always, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or Facebook page if you have any questions about renting camp, becoming more involved with annual maintenance, or how to help prepare Ortoha for our three weeks of Youth Camp next summer. You can do any of these throughout the year - it doesn't have to be the busy season of summer. It would be wonderful to hear from you!