Grade School Week Update!

Many thanks to all those who attended our Mission Fest Sunday service at Ortoha. It was a pleasure to hear from speaker Kennedy Duck Crabtree about the incredible work of Resonate Church, and what an amazing way to kick off Grade School Week - the biggest registration week of them all! We have 53 campers at Ortoha right now! You can bet it one very LOUD, very ACTIVE campground this week! Director Brian has fantastic things to say about all his Grade School Week counselors, though, and they are doing an great job of leading the campers in activities. Our speakers are Rev. Shawn Neider and Becky Loch, who is a Para Educator with the Grand Coulee Dam School District. As previously introduced, our cooks this week are father/daughter duo Pastor Alan Visser and Amy Schertlen. 

We have a big shout out to Byers Market in Tonasket who, for many years in a row now, has made copies of the annual "Ortoha camper and staff" picture for all our campers free of charge! It is a wonderful, generous gift, and sending each camper home with a reminder of their summer fun can't be beat!

Stay tuned - we'll share more updates as they become available.