Camp Updates & Kudos to Our Cooks!

It's been an amazing week at camp so far and our campers still have an entire day left of fun! High School Week ends tomorrow afternoon (July 27th) at 1 p.m. Many thanks to all those who helped us spread the word this year - we had 18 High School campers sign up! As for next week, we already have 48 pre-registered for Grade School! 

In addition to thanking our hard-working director and speakers this week, who we introduced in our last post, we want to give an extra special thanks to our cooks this year: father/daughter duo Pastor Alan Visser and Amy Schertlen. They are enjoying their second consecutive year serving our campers, and will be cooking all meals for all three weeks of camp. What amazing work they do! They both travel many hours to be here from British Columbia, and have quite a long history of Camp Ortoha involvement. Alan grew up in this area and attended Ortoha as a camper throughout his youth. He returned later after becoming a pastor to serve on many occasions as a camp speaker. Attending camp each year quickly turned into a family tradition for the Vissers, and his daughter Amy attended as a camper throughout her school years, as well. How wonderful it is to have two particularly dedicated, talented and experienced cooks serving our campers! 

The forecast is still looking lovely for us this year which means afternoons at the lake will be especially wonderful. We ask that you pray for our wonderful staff members, including the counselors who will be joining our campers next week, in addition to all our 2018 campers. May many incredible friendships grow stronger and may fellowship flourish!