Week 1 of Camp Is Underway!

Yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m. High School Week of Camp Ortoha officially began! We have a forecast full of sunshine and an amazing crew of staff to help lead our campers in fun activities this week. Even more good news: the wind storm that did a great deal of damage to the Bonaparte Lake area several weeks ago mercifully missed the camp grounds, so everything is smooth sailing for our 2018 campers. 

Speaker Jim Helleson (and sidekick!) at camp in 2016.

Speaker Jim Helleson (and sidekick!) at camp in 2016.

Meet the staff

Director Brian Bowes is joined again this year by speakers Kim & Jim Helleson and Rick Herzer. You might remember this incredible team from 2016 when they donned muscle building costumes for a skit! We're excited to hear more about what they have planned this year for the campers. 


The theme this year is "It's Not Fair!"


Reminder: Grade School Week Is Up Next

Grade School Week will start this coming Sunday at 5 p.m. Haven't mailed in your form yet, and worried it won't arrive in time? No worries! We'll have extra registration forms available up at camp. You can pay the cost of registration when you arrive and we'll get your child assigned to a cabin. Just give us a call ahead of time so we have a headcount! 509-485-2211

Need a full schedule, and looking for additional details? Check out our Registration page. 

Don't forget! Mission Fest!

Mission Fest Sunday is less than a week away. Service will begin at camp at 11 a.m. on July 29th, followed by a community potluck. We encourage everyone to stick around for socializing, or to enjoy the afternoon at the lake before registration for Grade School Week begins at 3 p.m. See you there!