And the Award Goes To....

Time flies! The 2015 Ortoha Youth Camp season has officially concluded. We couldn't be more pleased with the wonderful turnout - from Mission Fest Sunday straight through Middle School Week. We want to thank all those who helped spread the word about our incredible camp. We also want to extend our deepest gratitude toward all those dedicated, inspired and caring people who served the campers; the speakers, the cooks, the incredible counselors, the director, Arts & Crafts coordinators and all those behind the scenes. And to the many parents! Who traveled far and wide to bring their youngsters to experience our little slice of paradise. Thank you for playing your special part in helping these kids experience the fun and fellowship that Ortoha has to offer.

The middle school camp concluded this evening and the week was a great success. With 31 wonderful campers, there was a lot of excitement in the air! They had a wonderful week of sunny weather which was perfect for all the outdoor recreation activities in the program. We are looking forward to hear more from our campers about the week, but until then, here is a little update that arrived as of Wednesday night: 

As you may know, the campers from each cabin compete for certain categories of cleanliness each day. The cabin with the best effort gets one point for each day they win a given category. As of Wednesday night,  here were the results: 


Clean Cabin Award - The Golden Broom

Fir 2
Pine 1
Larch 0

Clean Bathroom Award - The Coveted Golden Toilet Plunger

All 3 cabins were all tied up!

Quietest Cabin - The Golden Zzz's Award

Fir was in the lead!

Kudos to Bailey H. for offering help during crafts on Tuesday, assisting 6-7 campers with their para cord craft and putting in extra help with KP duty! Many thanks, also, to Chad for handling KP set-up almost single-handedly on Wednesday!