Ortoha Blankets Help Those in Need

As most of you may have heard (if not experienced first-hand!), numerous fires have been devastating Okanogan County, leaving many people and families without homes. This has been such a horrific and stressful time for so many residents of the Okanogan area. Through all the turmoil, however, there have been many inspiring stories of kindness, generosity and aid.

We first want to thank all those who have worked so tirelessly to help the people in need; that includes the firefighters, the equipment drivers, the aid organizations, those people who have donated supplies, and those who have worked to make meals for anyone that needs one.

Secondly, we want to proudly report that the 2015 campers were also able to help out families in need! While some of the blankets that the campers made in late July and early August were distributed to homeless shelters right away, plenty of the blankets were still leftover, yet to be delivered. With such a pressing need in our local communities, we thought it would be a good idea to drop the remaining blankets off at donation collection centers in the Okanogan area. About 10 blankets were donated at the Tonasket donation center operated by the Community Cultural Center today so that local residents in need could have access to them. (Many thanks to Salina at the donation center who helped us with this!) We hope to have another set of blankets donated in the town of Okanogan very soon.

Please be sure to let the campers in your life know that as a result of their hard work, many displaced families of Okanogan County will be able to have warm, beautiful blankets to provide a bit of comfort. We thank all the campers for their contribution!