2018 Camp Improvements!

Many great improvements have already happened at camp this spring, and we're looking forward to getting more done in the 2018 camp season! 

In March, we posted the "Cook's Wish List" to help circulate information about the items that could be replaced or fixed in the kitchen. It is exciting to report many of the items on that list have been tended to! However, we want to keep the momentum going. We hope to make just a few more improvements, and we'll need a group of volunteers to make it happen! Would you consider being part of a painting or project team? 

2018 volunteer opportunities at Ortoha: 

  • Kitchen and Mess Hall painting projects
    • We'd like to paint the floors in both the Kitchen and Mess Hall
    • There are also some shelves that could use a fresh coat of paint
    • Considering drying time, this will take more than a week to complete
  • Shower stall walls and plumbing replacement
    • Major renovation of the shower building, including new plumbing and new stall walls

These improvements are going to make such a great impact on our campers! If we're lucky, we might just have enough time to get these done before High School Week starts later this month. We just need some willing hands ready to help in order to reach our goals. If interested, please contact Lenette: 509-485-2211. Thank you for considering!