Planning Board Opportunity!

As we all gear up for summer and the outdoor fun that comes with it, we have an extra special announcement: the Ortoha Planning Board is accepting applications for additional members! You don't need any fancy qualifications - just a heart to serve God by showing his love to our amazing Ortoha campers. 

As many of you already know, the Ortoha planning board has long since been a small, but devoted group of individuals working tirelessly year in and year out. After many years of dedication, however, our board members are seeing how beneficial a few extra hands might be to help carry the annual planning responsibilities. 

Listed below are the areas of leadership shared among our board members. The board meets once per month throughout the year. If you are curious about membership, please contact Brian Bowes to express your interest. He will be overjoyed to hear from you! (509) 429-1567

If you don't feel you can commit to being on the board, but would like to volunteer a few hours each month toward the planning process, now is the time to speak up! There are many ways in which you can help. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Don't delay!

Please don't assume someone else will step forward. If you have had a positive experience at Ortoha and want future generations to have the same opportunity, we implore you to take action. We need eager individuals to help in the shaping of Ortoha and the lasting impact it makes in the lives of campers. 



  • Develop camp publicity (i.e. brochure, newsflashes, informational letters, etc.) and refresh annually
  • Work with Social Media person to update Camp Ortoha web-site annually and/or upon approved requests
  • Help facilitate informational meetings to increase interest in learning more about Camp Ortoha
  • Send publicity about Camp Ortoha to area professional church workers of LCMS
  • Advertise in local newspapers and radio stations
  • Facilitate the posting of Camp Ortoha information in churches and announcements in church bulletins
  • Post photos of camp participants on web-site

Food Service

  • Obtain cook(s) for camps with the assistance of the Planning Board
  • Order and obtain the necessary food
  • Facilitate the transportation of foods and camping supplies
  • Plan and obtain camp store supplies

Facilities and Management (Logistics and Maintenance) 

  • Open and close camp
  • Maintain facilities and equipment


  • Develop camp theme
  • Plan devotionals
  • Secure, train, and supervise camp counselors
  • Secure camp speakers
  • Monitor and manage camper behavior
  • Secure a safe camp environment including swimming and evening activities
  • Plan and facilitate the daily camp schedule
  • Ensure all campers comply with camp policies and procedures
  • Ensure all camp participants are informed and comply with written expectations, behavior guidelines, and responsibilities
  • Provide an annual review of camp activities, staff, and counselors