Great Grub! How Ortoha's Cooks Feed the Frenzy

It takes a considerable effort to feed the troops at Ortoha but 3rd generation camper and head cook, Amy (her children are 4th generation), and her able assistant, her Dad, Pastor Alan, make it look easy! They seem to be enjoying themselves too!

I asked Amy to pick out one of the favorite daily menus so you might get an idea just how well-fed these kids are. She chose Monday’s menu. It starts with French toast and sausages patties. Yogurt is popular and offered every morning. They flavor plain yogurt themselves with vanilla or homemade strawberry sauce or even the fresh huckleberries the campers picked themselves! A fresh fruit platter is set on each table and canned peaches or pears are an option. Cereal and milk are available and OJ or apple juice are served at every breakfast.

Monday’s lunch is barbecued burgers with all the trimmings, homemade potato salad, chips and homemade cookies provided by the ladies of the local congregations.

For Monday dinner, think “Thanksgiving.” Yes, whole, roasted turkeys, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade dinner rolls and tossed salad with brownies for dessert. During HS week, one lucky birthday boy got a whole pan of brownies to himself! In the evening they might enjoy a cup of mulled cider or hot chocolate.

Our cooks are always happy to accommodate those with food allergies or dietary restrictions as long as they know in advance. There is no grocery store nearby.

Our cooks put in their order with Grant’s Market in Tonasket where Rose and crew do a terrific job of putting it all together for us. Members of Immanuel, Mark and Wendy, pick up the order in town on Saturday morning each week and deliver it to camp. We owe them our thanks along with all the people it takes to get this delicious food on the table – including KP. Yes! Your kids do know how to set the table, clear the tables, wash the dishes (no dishwasher at camp!) wipe the tables clean and sweep the floors!