Let's Hear From Our 2017 Middle School Campers!

On Thursday the 10th, 32 happy and tired middle school campers said their goodbyes and ended our three week program for 2017. The campers returned to their homes in Oroville, Orondo, Republic, Wauconda, Prince George BC, Omak, Okanogan, Thornton, Mansfield, Twisp, Tonasket and East Wenatchee. Eleven of the 32 were first time Ortoha campers. Speakers, Pastors Berendt and Schubye were very well received. The meals by Amy and her Dad, Pastor Alan, were top notch! Arts and Crafts with Connie and Jayne were fun. The weather was perfect for swimming and rec. And we couldn’t do it without our dedicated counselors!  

Let's hear what our Middle School Campers had to say! 

“It’s a fun, amazing experience; you meet lots of new people and friends. And I’m definitely coming back. When I got here I thought, ‘Woah, this is amazing!’” Evalee**

“It keeps you busy with fun activities and it makes memories.” Mattie

“Camp is just letting loose. My first thoughts this year is this camp is different, it has an actual outdoor feel.” Mason**

“You make lots of new friends and meet up with all the old ones. You also learn a lot about Jesus. Also, I love the food.” Madi

“You learn a lot about Jesus and God and how we are saved. My first day I was a little nervous about starting, but as I got to know people, it all went away.” Peyton**

“It’s a place to meet up with friends and reconnect with God. At first, I thought everything was weird, but after a while, I was surrounded by good people and felt at home.” Austin**

“It’s nice not to have busy roads and cars and street lights around.” Nicholas

“I’m always excited to be here and look forward to the Bible Studies and rec. You’ll find here what you won’t find at other camps: a camp family.” Gabe

** denotes first time camper