Lost & Found

Lost & Found 

Hello all! After a VERY busy three weeks of Ortoha Youth Camp we are now finally get around to organizing and storing supplies for next year. It turns out we have a fair number of lost & found items this year, so we're hoping the website and Facebook page will help us connect with the 2016 alumni campers and their parents in order to return as many items as possible.

If you or your kiddo forgot something up at camp, please let us know!!

Send us an email or a message of Facebook describing the item you lost and we will check our inventory to see if we have it. 

Camping Season Isn't Over Yet! 

Although the three weeks of Ortoha Youth Camp are over, the camping season is still underway. Remember that Ortoha (it's buildings and facilities) can be rented out to groups looking for a great outdoor setting. If you are curious about renting Ortoha for an upcoming event, let us know right away! We will close Ortoha up in the fall so we'll want to get you on the schedule soon. 

We Can't Thank You Enough!

Last, but certainly not least, we cannot thank all our staff members, supporters, campers and camper parents enough for such an outstanding camp season. We made some incredible memories this year and plenty of new friendships were forged. A whole new generation of kids had the opportunity to fall in love with the Ortoha atmosphere and get to know God a little bit better. We could not pull this off without so much support from all over the PNW region.

Thanks to the parents for seeing how special camp is and for being willing to transport their kids to and from Ortoha. Thanks to the campers who made it so much fun! Thanks to the many volunteers who spend countless hours preparing, planning, coordinating and finalizing all the minute details for these very busy three weeks. And of course, thank you to all our staff 2016 staff members - that includes our incredible cooks, our outstanding speakers, our talented counselors and wonderful director! Your hard work, dedication and passion for all that Ortoha stands for is deeply appreciated!