More Excitement in Store for Middle School Week!

A whopping 34 campers are up at Ortoha this week making new memories and meeting new friends! In addition to our director, Brian Bowes, they will also be lead by our two speakers, Rev. Alan Visser and Deaconess Ruth Ann Shimoi. 

Rev. Visser is an Ortoha alumni as a camper, counselor, speaker and dean! We are always so blessed to have him return to camp from British Columbia and inspire another group of youngsters. Deaconess Ruth Ann Shimoi is joining us from Bellevue, WA where she serves at Pilgrim Lutheran Church. We know the kids are going to love the enthusiasm she brings to leading and group activities. 

It looks like the forecast will be great for the campers this week. They will have a mix of some sunshine and clouds, but it looks like the last day of camp is expected to be very warm and bright. Perhaps an afternoon at the lake before picking up the campers at 7 p.m. might be called for! 

Lastly, we want to share a big Thank You message to all those who help out during the weekends between camps. There are groceries to deliver, counselor prep-work to complete, and many errands to run. We appreciate everyone's hard work and support!