Humor of Olympic Proportions

A total of 15 kids are attending High School Week and our speakers are going all-out to bring them some hilarity! Kim & Jim Helleson are long-time Ortoha supporters and have been directly involved with ministry through Young Life for many years. They have joined forces with Rick Herzer this week to provide some Young Life-style comic relief.

Rick and Jim have been perfecting a body builder skit that ties in nicely to the Summer Olympics currently being held in South America. It sounds like their characters, "Hans" and "Franz," will make many appearances throughout the week when the kids least expect it! 

Knowing their audience, Kim and Jim have also worked a bit of technology into their program, as they plan to use a large projector in the Gazebo to show a short video during one of the bible study talks. We are looking forward to hearing more about how the kids like both the ongoing skit and the great lesson content. 

We want to take a moment to thank Dennis & Cheri Watson who came over from the west side of the state to speak at last Sunday's Mission Festival service. It was wonderful to hear about all the work and love being poured out in the Neah Bay area. As always, thanks to the many helping hands who contributed to the delicious potluck lunch that followed, as well! It never disappoints!

Please remember to lift up all the campers and leaders in your prayers this week and help us spread the word the Middle School Week is just around the corner. We appreciate it!