A Special Message from Camp Director Brian Bowes!

Greetings Campers!

So here's the deal...Camp Ortoha Needs You!!

This your Camp Director, Brian, and I'm writing to tell you: if you're not already register & planning to attend Camp 2016 - it's not too late to do so. But don't dally too long, the first session starts July 24th (grade school camp). 

This is my 30th year as director and I'm extremely excited about the 2016 session. The theme this year is an Advent [awaiting the birth of the Messiah], Christmasy [the celebration of His birth] sorta thingy! 

The speakers for the various weeks are busy preparing and putting on the final touches of their tremendously informative, interactive studies as they take a look @ some Old Testament prophecies along with New Testament fulfillments. They will also be sharing thoughts on a variety of topics that will enable you to strengthen and perhaps introduce yourselves to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

In 30 years this ministry has been blessed with numerous speakers, all with varying gifts from God. This year is no exception.

For Grade School [July 24-28] we have Sarah Elliott and Jeanette Floyd - both with many years of experience in working with and positively reaching the needs of young people.

High School campers [July 31 - August 5] will have a simply "over-the-top" experience courtesy of long-time youth workers Jim & Kim Helleson. This amazing couple has been in the "trenches" of youth ministry serving for over 20 years has youth ministers with Young Life. Look forward to hearing God's Word shared in fresh, "outta-the-box" ways!

Our Middle School campers [August 7-11] will be experience a week lead by the familiar and the new. Rev. Alan Visser once again returns to camp bringing his many years as a camper, counselor, Camp Dean and speaker. This year he is joined by Deaconess Ruth Ann Shimoi from Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Bellevue. Deaconess Ruth Ann has spent many years working in a variety of youth situations and will be bringing a new level of enthusiasm and activity for this week.

If this group of speakers weren't enough - we are once again blessed and honored to have a great group of counselors the help guide the program and lead our campers.

Grade School - Michelle VanSlyke, Carmen Fonseca, Kerstin Ericksen and Crystal Grubler along with Dylan Roy, Connor Rosentrater and Cameron Roy

High School - Nate Linklater and Hannah Attridge

Middle School - Grace Clark, Jenna Bucsko and Netsenet Kimsey with Dylan Roy and Nate Linklater.

Other staffers - with crafts, Connie Kuhlmann & Jayne Bowes assisted by Camp Moms - Jesalyn Cole and Heather Melcher. And our camp cooks - Millie Leslie and Georgia McCoy.

The theme, the speakers, counselors and support staff, the setting...this year promises to be one of the best ever! So, please, don't miss out! Get signed up today!! Registration forms are available on the website, Facebook page or by calling 509.429.1567

Hope to you see you there!



Your Director, Brian Bowes