Announcing This Year's Theme!

Grade School Week starts on July 24th! 

A new theme for camp is picked each year so there is a central message for campers to latch onto and bring home. It also creates cohesion between the various study lessons and even between the different age groups. 

We're very excited to announce that this year's theme will be "Promises Fulfilled." The kids will be discovering some of the Old Testament prophecies about The Messiah and how each was later fulfilled in Jesus in the New Testament. By examining how each promise was fulfilled we get a better glimpse at Jesus' characteristics, as well as the faithfulness of God. This is a great message for any age, full of hope and love! 


Mark your calendar for Mission Fest! 

Another big announcement to make is with regards to Mission Fest Sunday. We just got word that Pastor Winston Wilson from Makah Lutheran Church in Neah Bay will not be able to make the journey, but he has asked his friends and equally amazing speakers, Dennis & Cheri Watson, from Our Savior in Tacoma to take his place. We are very excited to meet Dennis & Cheri and learn about their involvement with the Lutheran Indian Ministries' mission and projects on the coast. Pastor Dan Kunkel is of course already pulling together all the other details for the service and is very excited to see you up there!  

Mission Fest Sunday is July 31 and the service will begin at 11 a.m. with our infamous community potluck to follow. We hope to see you there! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Billi: 509-485-3352.