Spreading the Word for Our 2016 Camp Ortoha Season

The planning board has been very busy putting all the final details on this year's program! We are so excited to see the registrations begin to come in and are looking forward to having each and every kid up at camp. 

Director Brian Bowes has been hard at work getting advertisements out to help spread the word about camp and open registration throughout the Okanogan community. In fact, you might have already heard him on Open Line! We could always use more avenues to reach more people, though, so if you have a connection or suggestion on how to reach more people, please let us know! We would love to collaborate with you.

Some of the most recent planning has focused on purchasing all the delicious meal ingredients for our hungry campers and getting those items delivered up to camp. Those who have a growing collection of camp buttons will be happy to hear that Kathy Teas already has this year's button color scheme picked out to add to your bright display! We don't have the official word yet on whether we'll be allowed to have real campfires this year, but we are staying optimistic and having some wood delivered to be well-prepared. 

Don't forget that Grade School week starts on July 24th this year and that Mission Fest Sunday will be held on Sunday, July 31st. Please help us spread the word so that families know the time to sign up is now! We hope to have a great turnout this year, as we always love sharing the experience of the great outdoors and fellowship with kids of all ages.