Millie & Georgia Are Returning this Year as Camp Cooks!

We are so pleased to announce the return of Millie & Georgia, a long-time team of culinary perfection, as Ortoha's camp cooks this year. They have several decades of dishing out the best camp food you can imagine under their belts! As all camp cooks do, Millie and Georgia will stay in one of the cabins right across from the Mess Hall during the camp week. We appreciate all they do; they often have to rise very early to get breakfast started, and with three square meals for 20-40 campers to manage, they've signed on for some VERY full days! We are so lucky to have them! Millie and Georgia have a special place in the hearts of many of our alumni campers and we're very excited that the new campers this year will get to know this pair for the first time. Seriously, people, the food is beyond amazing. Mad skills.

As you might have already noticed, the 2016 registration forms have been released so please don't hesitate to get yours printed out and sent back in. A deposit of only $25 is required to reserve your spot and if you send it in early you'll qualify for the Early Polar Bear Special of $85! (Regular registration is $120.)

We'll be sending more updates soon, but until then, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.