Registration Forms Will Be Available Very Soon!

The Ortoha planning board has been working hard in preparation of the 2016 camping season! First up is getting the Registration Form updated and available online for download. (We plan on having the form available on both the website and the Facebook page within a week!) This year we will also be mailing out a form to each camper who attended Ortoha last summer, making registration very convenient for all those alumni campers and parents. The forms will be dropped in the mail next Monday, March 28th, so they should be delivered with plenty of time to return the form ahead of the Early Polar Bear Special deadline. Remember, those who postmark their registration forms by June 11 qualify the discounted price of $85! Of course, if you have a new camper this year, the registration is process is still very simple and straight forward. All you'll need to do is download the form, fill it out in pen and mail it in with a deposit. The return address is clearly listed on the form, and you can always contact us through the Facebook page with any concerns. We look forward to meeting all our new campers this year!

Another big preparation piece involves plans for a Camp Ortoha video. We hope to have enough footage taken during the 2016 season to compile a short but information video that can help prospective campers, their parents, as well as potential speakers learn more about Camp Ortoha's wonderful traditions and exciting program.

Stay tuned for more updates as we near the summer season! And don't forget to mark your calendars with the 2016 camp dates.