News from the High Schoolers

Some news came down the hill from Camp Ortoha yesterday evening and we are excited to share an update about how High School Week is going! 

The kids are having a great time! In addition to lots of dodge ball and recreation, they have been enjoying the Bible Study and Topic Study sessions quite a bit. They have also been having fun making an Arts & Crafts/service project by tying fleece blankets 
for homeless shelters. This is a project that all 3 weeks of camp will be participating in, so it's extra fun to do something that all the age ranges can contribute to. 

Cooks Sandi and Beth served the traditional Wednesday evening menu of Thanksgiving dinner to the campers and staff. After dinner it came to camp's attention that Director Brian had an item in the Lost and Found. If you have ever been an Ortoha camper, you know the penalty is that you have to "sing for it." The campers unanimously demanded that he sing  his specialty, Tevye's  "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof. This was followed by long, loud and appreciative applause and cheers. As always, the cooks are outdoing themselves by preparing Oven Baked French Toast for breakfast this morning.

The kids got a little bit of a rain shower on Monday, but have been having sunny weather other than that.

We are excited to hear more from them when they come back down on Friday afternoon! Let us know if you have any questions about picking up your camper.