The Camp Grounds Are Now Open!

Many thanks to the volunteers who gave up their time on Saturday to help get Ortoha ready for the 2019 camp season!

As many of you know, Camp Ortoha can be rented out for group events during the summer months, (excluding the three weeks we are open for the Youth Camp, of course). That means we need to get the buildings cleaned up and organized as soon as the pipes have thawed from winter.

This year, we got a head start on the work. A small group of volunteers went up on Wednesday of last week to turn on the propane and light the pilots. In addition, three cabins were thoroughly cleaned and a good start was made on cleaning the kitchen.

On Saturday, then, a bigger crew came to finish the work. In the Mess Hall, rafters were dusted, tables were sanitized, and floors were vacuumed and mopped. In the kitchen, all flatware and kettles were washed, the shelves and cupboards were scrubbed, the grill and ovens were cleaned, and the refrigerators and freezer were cleaned. As for the showers and bathrooms, they were also cleaned and sanitized.

Some great progress was made outside the buildings, too! A crew with a small Cat machine removed and replaced the logs around the fire pit. Additionally, the county took down some dead trees.

We are so thankful for all those who volunteer each year to help make Ortoha ready for renters and campers. They help us start the season off with a bang!

Are you curious about renting Ortoha for an event? Or are you interesting in sending a camper to one of our three weeks of Youth Camp? You might find the Group Rentals page and the Registration page very helpful. You can also send us a message via Facebook and we will respond right away.

We’re excited to see what the 2019 camping season brings! And very thankful for another opportunity to foster fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth in a beautiful outdoor setting.