Got Video Skills?

The Ortoha Planning Board is hoping to recruit the help of someone experienced with making and editing videos. With this person’s help, the board would like to create some promotional content that could be used to spread the word about camp to new campers in our region. Ortoha now has a functioning website and active Facebook page, but we are convinced that more can be done to reach prospective campers in this highly digital age. Anyone interested is urged to contact Director Brian Bowes to discuss a potential collaboration. Do you have a friend who might be a good fit for this project? Please don’t hesitate to send them this post or forward their contact information to Brian.

The 2019 camping season will be here before we know it! Help us prepare so that we can reach more students and invite them to the incredible experience that is Camp Ortoha!

Director Brian Bowes

(509) 429-1567