URGENT UPDATE: Spring Cleaning on May 6th Could Have Rough Roads

Lenette and Paul checked out the road from Havillah to camp and made a loop around by Chesaw. The road as of today requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle, so please plan accordingly. We had previously (briefly) released information that we were postponing the event by one week, but due to Mother's Day, we decided it was best to keep our original plan.

We hope you will join us... and then stop by the Big Trees, Lost Lake or take your family out to dinner at the Bonaparte Cafe! We'll bring the cleaning supplies but you can bring rakes, wheelbarrows, a shop vac if you have one, tools, work gloves and enthusiasm on Saturday! 

We'll get started around 9 am and you can leave when you need to. Call 485-3352 if you need any more information, or want to coordinate 4 wheel drive transportation. We would be thrilled to have your help!