The Kids Are Having a Ball

We just got news from Camp Ortoha are we are excited to share it! All the campers are happy and healthy. Here are some snippets from a few campers that we interviewed today: 

  • Macy's favorite thing about camp is meeting new people and going to the lake
  • Bo's favorite thing about camp is Rec time
  • Ella has made lots of new friends
  • Lucia's favorite meal was the chicken enchiladas
  • Aja likes swimming and has made new friends
  • Alyssa wants to be a counselor someday
  • Meladie's favorite Arts & Craft project was the key chain she made

Tonight the campers were treated to a Thanksgiving-style feast tonight of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, bacon and dessert! Our amazing cooks, Sandi and Beth, outdid themselves! 

Many thanks, also, to our two wonderful speakers this week: Amy Schretlen, who is joining us from British Columbia, and Pastor Mark Hein from Wenatchee. The theme for their Bible Study & Topic Study sessions this week has been: "Extraordinary to Ordinary: How God uses ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Our Grade School Week of camp will conclude tomorrow night at 7 p.m. after a full day of activities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about picking your child up. We are looking forward to hearing more of their wonderful stories!