Week 1 of Camp Is Underway!

Yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m. High School Week of Camp Ortoha officially began! We have a forecast full of sunshine and an amazing crew of staff to help lead our campers in fun activities this week. Even more good news: the wind storm that did a great deal of damage to the Bonaparte Lake area several weeks ago mercifully missed the camp grounds, so everything is smooth sailing for our 2018 campers. 

Speaker Jim Helleson (and sidekick!) at camp in 2016.

Speaker Jim Helleson (and sidekick!) at camp in 2016.

Meet the staff

Director Brian Bowes is joined again this year by speakers Kim & Jim Helleson and Rick Herzer. You might remember this incredible team from 2016 when they donned muscle building costumes for a skit! We're excited to hear more about what they have planned this year for the campers. 


The theme this year is "It's Not Fair!"


Reminder: Grade School Week Is Up Next

Grade School Week will start this coming Sunday at 5 p.m. Haven't mailed in your form yet, and worried it won't arrive in time? No worries! We'll have extra registration forms available up at camp. You can pay the cost of registration when you arrive and we'll get your child assigned to a cabin. Just give us a call ahead of time so we have a headcount! 509-485-2211

Need a full schedule, and looking for additional details? Check out our Registration page. 

Don't forget! Mission Fest!

Mission Fest Sunday is less than a week away. Service will begin at camp at 11 a.m. on July 29th, followed by a community potluck. We encourage everyone to stick around for socializing, or to enjoy the afternoon at the lake before registration for Grade School Week begins at 3 p.m. See you there! 

Mission Fest - July 29th at 11 a.m.

Hi friends! We're excited to extend a warm invitation for you and your family to attend 2018 Mission Fest service at Camp Ortoha. This is always a wonderful chance to worship the Lord a little closer to nature while visiting with old friends and enjoying all that Lost Lake and the Big Trees recreational area have to offer! We hope to see you there! Here are some event details: 


What: Mission Fest church service

Where: Camp Ortoha

When: July 29th


  • Service starts at 11 a.m. 
    • See details on this year's speaker below
  • Potluck to follow in the Mess Hall 
  • Enjoy the afternoon on camp grounds, at the lake, or on a hike
  • Grade School Week Registration opens at 3 p.m. 
  • Grade School Week officially starts at 5 p.m. 


Speaker Info: 

Our speaker this year is Kennedy Duck Crabtree. She is part of Resonate Church – a collegiate church planting movement throughout the Northwest. Their mission focuses on college students and the communities in which they live.

Kennedy used to be a missionary in Ellensburg, reaching members of the community, and now she works with the Send Team assisting college students who are preparing for mission trips. In addition to helping the students raise support funds, she serves as a mentor and guide as they discover more about global missions, as well as local missions on college campuses.

Kennedy has personally been on several trips to East Asia with the purpose of sharing the Gospel. These short-term trips were specifically designed to partner with long-term ministries who needed more help. Through the Spirit, these missionaries have planted a church in Asia and their efforts are growing.

Resonate Church is regionally affiliated with the Northwest Baptist Convention, and nationally affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. They have a great website – resonate.net – check it out!


2018 Camp Improvements!

Many great improvements have already happened at camp this spring, and we're looking forward to getting more done in the 2018 camp season! 

In March, we posted the "Cook's Wish List" to help circulate information about the items that could be replaced or fixed in the kitchen. It is exciting to report many of the items on that list have been tended to! However, we want to keep the momentum going. We hope to make just a few more improvements, and we'll need a group of volunteers to make it happen! Would you consider being part of a painting or project team? 

2018 volunteer opportunities at Ortoha: 

  • Kitchen and Mess Hall painting projects
    • We'd like to paint the floors in both the Kitchen and Mess Hall
    • There are also some shelves that could use a fresh coat of paint
    • Considering drying time, this will take more than a week to complete
  • Shower stall walls and plumbing replacement
    • Major renovation of the shower building, including new plumbing and new stall walls

These improvements are going to make such a great impact on our campers! If we're lucky, we might just have enough time to get these done before High School Week starts later this month. We just need some willing hands ready to help in order to reach our goals. If interested, please contact Lenette: 509-485-2211. Thank you for considering! 


Planning Board Opportunity!

As we all gear up for summer and the outdoor fun that comes with it, we have an extra special announcement: the Ortoha Planning Board is accepting applications for additional members! You don't need any fancy qualifications - just a heart to serve God by showing his love to our amazing Ortoha campers. 

As many of you already know, the Ortoha planning board has long since been a small, but devoted group of individuals working tirelessly year in and year out. After many years of dedication, however, our board members are seeing how beneficial a few extra hands might be to help carry the annual planning responsibilities. 

Listed below are the areas of leadership shared among our board members. The board meets once per month throughout the year. If you are curious about membership, please contact Brian Bowes to express your interest. He will be overjoyed to hear from you! deacon@ncidata.com (509) 429-1567

If you don't feel you can commit to being on the board, but would like to volunteer a few hours each month toward the planning process, now is the time to speak up! There are many ways in which you can help. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Don't delay!

Please don't assume someone else will step forward. If you have had a positive experience at Ortoha and want future generations to have the same opportunity, we implore you to take action. We need eager individuals to help in the shaping of Ortoha and the lasting impact it makes in the lives of campers. 



  • Develop camp publicity (i.e. brochure, newsflashes, informational letters, etc.) and refresh annually
  • Work with Social Media person to update Camp Ortoha web-site annually and/or upon approved requests
  • Help facilitate informational meetings to increase interest in learning more about Camp Ortoha
  • Send publicity about Camp Ortoha to area professional church workers of LCMS
  • Advertise in local newspapers and radio stations
  • Facilitate the posting of Camp Ortoha information in churches and announcements in church bulletins
  • Post photos of camp participants on web-site

Food Service

  • Obtain cook(s) for camps with the assistance of the Planning Board
  • Order and obtain the necessary food
  • Facilitate the transportation of foods and camping supplies
  • Plan and obtain camp store supplies

Facilities and Management (Logistics and Maintenance) 

  • Open and close camp
  • Maintain facilities and equipment


  • Develop camp theme
  • Plan devotionals
  • Secure, train, and supervise camp counselors
  • Secure camp speakers
  • Monitor and manage camper behavior
  • Secure a safe camp environment including swimming and evening activities
  • Plan and facilitate the daily camp schedule
  • Ensure all campers comply with camp policies and procedures
  • Ensure all camp participants are informed and comply with written expectations, behavior guidelines, and responsibilities
  • Provide an annual review of camp activities, staff, and counselors


Update: Opening Weekend - Camp Cleanup & Gazebo Repairs

Hi all! As many of you know, we were hoping to open up camp this weekend to host our annual spring cleanup day, making the grounds and buildings ready for our 2018 campers. Unfortunately, the Forest Service called today to say they have not yet turned on the water supply, yet so we will need to postpone the cleanup day for one week. 

Important update: Opening Weekend at Ortoha will be held on Saturday, May 12th 

The extra week will likely help melt more of the snow and make the roads more passable, as well. This is a great blessing for those who might not have a big vehicle or 4-wheel drive. As always, we're hoping for a big showing of volunteers, so the better the roads are, the better cleanup goes!

The Gazebo Repair project is slated to occur on May 12th, too

We are so thankful for the initial flood of offers we received to help with the Gazebo repair. As the picture demonstrated, we will need a nice sized crew and plenty of tools and machinery to fix up the structure quickly. Please contact Billi or Lenette (see details below) if you plan on helping with this project. Knowing what tools and machinery to expect will expedite the project.  



For those interested in pitching in, here are some details and reminders: 

  • Dress in layers
  • Bring any shovels, rakes, or other yard tools you have handy
  • Pack a sack lunch
  • People are welcome to come and go as they please - we are helpful for any amount of time you can contribute
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give either Billi Kuhlmann (509-485-3352) or Lenette Schuldheisz (509-485-2211) a call

It's a great idea to make a day of it, and spend some time at Lost Lake, The Big Trees, or Bonaparte Lake on your way up or down the mountain. We hope to see you there! 


Ortoha Cooks' Wish List!

I think you'll agree: Our Ortoha cooks do some pretty incredible work! We are so blessed to have such talented, dedicated individuals serving our campers and staff each year. Now it's our turn to treat them, instead! 

Our cooks have worked up a "wish list" of items that could either be replaced, fixed or added to Ortoha's inventory. You might have a few of these items laying around the house awaiting your next Goodwill trip. Will you instead consider donating them to Ortoha? Another option is to make a monetary donation to help cover the cost an item listed below. The bottom-most section outlines areas where Ortoha could use a gift of time or talent. Whatever you are able to contribute, our cooks (and ultimately, our campers!) would greatly appreciate it! 

Please coordinate with Billi Kuhlmann if you have items or talents to donate! 509-485-6653


  • Fans
  • Drying racks
  • A sturdy kitchen food scale (mechanical or battery operated)
  • Electric knife sharpener which can be pre-set to sharpen knives at the correct angle
  • Meat cleaver
  • Turkey baster
  • Overhead hooks above the island to hang pots and pans (We are suggesting a 1/2” pipe with “S” hooks)
  • Replacement liners for the shelves
  • Replace wheels on the kitchen cart, or better yet, replace with a stainless cart (Home Depot)
  • Convection oven


  • The backside of the walk-in cooler has a lot of wasted space. A shelf could be added to the top and a 2nd and 3rd shelf to the sides. This would create more usable space.
  • Leveling cement under the freezer and refrigerator to save the wear and tear due to unevenness.
  • Repair kitchen half door (the lower hinge is broken).
  • Mouse-proof doors on the red counters for cleanliness.
  • A way to corral brooms just inside the pantry door to the right to prevent accidental tripping.

Counselors & Speakers Wanted!

Hi all! Director Brian Bowes would love to hear from any teenagers interested in counseling at Ortoha this summer. Please help us pass the word on to individuals who would be a great fit. Here are the parameters: 

Grade School Week Counselors: 

need to be going into the 10th grade or older

Middle School Week Counselors:

need to be going into 11th grade or older

High School Week Counselors:

need to be college-age

There is also an opportunity to nominate a speaker! Brian is still working on filling the slots for our 2018 speakers. Please send on your suggestions to Brian and forward this notice on to those who you think could be interested. Speakers will need to be prepared for 4 1-hour presentations around the theme "It's Not Fair!"

Camp Schedule

Here's a quick reminder about the 2018 camp dates as you consider availability for the openings above: 


  • July 22nd - July 27th
  • Registration begins at 3 p.m. and officially starts at 1 p.m. on July 22nd 


  • July 29th - August 2nd
  • Registration begins at 3 p.m. and officially starts at 5 p.m. on July 29th


  • August 5th - August 9th
  • Registration begins at 3 p.m. and officially starts at 5 p.m. on August 5th

Contact Info

Director Brian Bowes




The Recipe for Great Summers? Lots of Planning During the Winter!

While there still may be snow on the ground, Ortoha's planning board is moving ahead with preparations for the 2018 camp season. Brian is working on his marketing plan to get the word out across the state about this year's theme and the Ortoha experience. (Know of a way we could reach an even wider audience? Please let us know!) Meanwhile, various board members are scheming up some pretty amazing Arts & Crafts ideas for our campers to enjoy this year. Although a date has not yet been set for our Opening Camp Clean-Up Day (it all depends on how fast the snow melts!), there are also some great plans in the works to inventory camp supplies and evaluate the need for any replacements as we open camp this spring - most likely in May. 

Here are two great ways you, too, can plan for a great summer ahead: 

1) Mark your calendars!

The dates for camp have been released already (check 'em out here) and the Registration Form is just a few weeks away from being released. Please mark your calendars so you can take advantage of our Early Polar Bear special ($85!) and make arrangements for traveling to and from camp.

2) Nominate a speaker!

Do you think your pastor would make an excellent speaker? Do you know of a person you'd like to nominate? Director Brian Bowes will be sending out invitations to various pastors throughout the Pacific Northwest in the coming weeks, and he would be very happy to receive your suggestion for consideration! Email him here: deacon@ncidata.com

Looking forward to a great summer ahead!

2018 Theme: "It's Not Fair!"

The Ortoha planning board is excited to share the news that the 2018 theme has been decided: "It's Not Fair!" Our speakers this summer will take a close look at the many instances in the Bible where things did not seem particularly fair. For example, Joseph, Job and Daniel all had plenty of reasons to claim unfair circumstances. 

The speakers for High School Week have already been confirmed for the 2018 schedule, and Director Brian Bowes continues to work toward filling those slots for the Middle School and Grade School Weeks. 

Another cool update is that the board ordered some bags that will be given to all our 2018 campers. The bags are forest green and have the Ortoha logo printed in white. We're looking forward to sharing a photo or two once the order has been delivered. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon! 

2018 Camp Dates Are Set!

Mark your calendar! 

The Camp Ortoha Planning Board is very excited to announce next summer's schedule: 

High School:   July 22-27

Grade School:  July 29-Aug 2

Middle School:  Aug 5-9

We want to thank all those who provided feedback to the board regarding the camp schedule. The decision was based on your valued input and suggestions.

The date for Mission Fest has also been set: July 29th! That means our Sunday service will kick off Grade School Week, which has historically been the most popular for sign-ups. We hope camper families will take advantage of the chance to come worship with us in the morning and spend the day together up at the lake or hiking to the Big Trees before camp starts that afternoon. 

Director Brian Bowes is hoping to send some postcards out in the mail this winter to get the word out about this year's dates, but please boost our efforts by sharing this exciting news with your friends and family now! Many thanks! 


A Message from Brian to Our Camper Parents

September 7, 2017

Greetings Parents/Guardians:

I write to you with two purposes in mind; to tell you about Camp 2017 and to seek your help/input.

Camp 2017

This was my 31st year as director and what a great year is was!  We had 80 campers – 50 returners, 30 first-timers and 22 campers were “generational!”  Our greatest demographic was unchurched campers – 39%.  And that is one of the greatest things about this year – having that percentage hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To hear of His unconditional love, grace and mercy for all people.  This was accomplished through some wonderful speaker presentations, the planning and guidance offered by counselors, and the overall program. 

Now my question to those that sent the campers – why?  Why do/did you send them to a Christian Youth Camp?  It is my sincere and fervent hope that it was because you want them learn of Jesus Christ and what He has done for them.  If that’s the case, then my challenge – find a church home where you, as a family, can worship together and together grow in the love and ways of the Lord! Some great “planting” occurred at camp – now what was planted needs to be “fertilized, nurtured and watered” so that it can continue to take hold. :)

We Need You…

The Camp Planning Board is always in need of new people.  There are a few ways you can help:

  • As a board member –
    • At this time we are need of a new facilitator.  This person helps to organize the agenda [with input from the director among others], they “facilitate” the meetings, and they send out meeting reminders via email.  That’s pretty much the extent of the position. The board meets once a month – August-November & January-July.
    • We also need someone to handle Marketing & Outreach.  This person will work closely with the director and our website & social media Queen – Caitlin Lewis.
  • We would like to have a list of volunteers for various projects that arise…we always need people to help with camp set-up/clean-up and food delivery and help in the kitchen.
  • Would you be interested in being part of the Director’s Advisory team?

Of a more immediate concern… We are discussing potentially changing the order of the camp weeks.  Currently it runs, grade school, high school, middle school.  Other things we are discussing and needing your input – a 2 ½ day high school retreat instead of a whole week and ending grade school and middle school early on Thursday [currently ends at 7:00 pm].

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday September 24 at 6pm at Hope Lutheran Church-Tonasket – all are welcome!  Please share your thoughts and any other input who may have – I won’t guarantee that changes will be made, but can guarantee that there will be no change without your valuable input!  The easiest way to have your concerns heard is by contact me by emailing: deacon@ncidata.com.  Thank you for your continued support of this amazing ministry!  I look forward to hearing from you…soon. :)



Brian Bowes

Director – Ortoha Youth Camp 

The Camp Ortoha Experience

Ortoha has been around for many decades, and means so much to so many different people. It can remind alumni campers, for example, of outdoor recreation, strong friendships and big changes in our Christian walks of faith. It might remind camper parents of excited story-telling and the peace of knowing your child is being well looked after. To alumni staff of all positions, it may remind you of watching the incredible, masterful hand of God moving deeply in so many wonderful, young lives. 

As the Ortoha Youth Camp concludes for 2017, we wanted to share with you what this year's High School campers had to say about the Ortoha experience. After all, it's important to listen to our campers and hear what's working and isn't working, always striving for a better. As you'll see, and for which we are so thankful for, God's work up at Ortoha is still as present and masterful as ever: 

Cameron said: “Since I started coming to camp I continue to grow more comfortable with the camp and my fellow campers and counselors. 2016 was the year that made camp feel like I was meant to be here. I remember there was a video shown of Jesus’ crucifixion. Then we each wrote personal notecards which we nailed to a wooden cross before it was burned in a fire [signifying how God forgives us]. Camp is a place that allows me to escape my family and get closer to God. Without camp I do not think I would be the same person today. It has become a part of my life and I will miss it when I am too old for camp.”

Lilly said: “To me, camp is about community. I am always surprised by how close I feel to my fellow campers after only 5 days. I pick up right where I left off with camp friends I haven’t seen in a year. We have so many ways to bond – from crafts, to rec, to Bible Study. Everyone is always laughing and smiling. I love having the opportunity to spend this amazing time with people who share my faith. I feel as if I’m able to share a part of me at Camp Ortoha that is normally shoved to the sides of my life, and I always come out of camp with a stronger relationship to God. The staff and counselors are amazing and you can feel their passion for this place every day. I wish 5 days didn’t fly by so fast. Even though I’m not at my house, it still feels like home.”

Anna said: “To me camp means home. A place I can see my friends once a year and the wonderful staff! Camp Ortoha has been my “church” in a sense because it has been the place I go to learn about Jesus and a place that you can talk about anything because you know the people here care about you. It is always beautiful and everyone at Ortoha has such an amazing heart. They really care about you and what your plans are for the future. I am thankful that Jesus led me to this place and I get to share it with those around me. You can make life-long friendships, not only with your fellow campers but also with Jesus. This camp changed my life as far as my relationship with God, and has taught me so many life lessons.”

Korin said: “Camp. Ortoha. Those two words bring so much joy to my soul. Once a year I get the honor of spending 5 days in God’s beautiful creation. To me, this camp is a place to feel safe with people who share the same beliefs. Here I am loved. If there’s one way to describe the atmosphere up here, it’s love! Ever since I was coming here in grade school, it has only become more meaningful. There is no reason to be nervous or afraid. Every year I learn this lesson over and over again. I have learned not to worry about the things of this physical world; it’s deeper than that. This experience is about falling deeper in love with God in the place where His love is most apparent."

Let's Hear From Our 2017 Middle School Campers!

On Thursday the 10th, 32 happy and tired middle school campers said their goodbyes and ended our three week program for 2017. The campers returned to their homes in Oroville, Orondo, Republic, Wauconda, Prince George BC, Omak, Okanogan, Thornton, Mansfield, Twisp, Tonasket and East Wenatchee. Eleven of the 32 were first time Ortoha campers. Speakers, Pastors Berendt and Schubye were very well received. The meals by Amy and her Dad, Pastor Alan, were top notch! Arts and Crafts with Connie and Jayne were fun. The weather was perfect for swimming and rec. And we couldn’t do it without our dedicated counselors!  

Let's hear what our Middle School Campers had to say! 

“It’s a fun, amazing experience; you meet lots of new people and friends. And I’m definitely coming back. When I got here I thought, ‘Woah, this is amazing!’” Evalee**

“It keeps you busy with fun activities and it makes memories.” Mattie

“Camp is just letting loose. My first thoughts this year is this camp is different, it has an actual outdoor feel.” Mason**

“You make lots of new friends and meet up with all the old ones. You also learn a lot about Jesus. Also, I love the food.” Madi

“You learn a lot about Jesus and God and how we are saved. My first day I was a little nervous about starting, but as I got to know people, it all went away.” Peyton**

“It’s a place to meet up with friends and reconnect with God. At first, I thought everything was weird, but after a while, I was surrounded by good people and felt at home.” Austin**

“It’s nice not to have busy roads and cars and street lights around.” Nicholas

“I’m always excited to be here and look forward to the Bible Studies and rec. You’ll find here what you won’t find at other camps: a camp family.” Gabe

** denotes first time camper

Great Grub! How Ortoha's Cooks Feed the Frenzy

It takes a considerable effort to feed the troops at Ortoha but 3rd generation camper and head cook, Amy (her children are 4th generation), and her able assistant, her Dad, Pastor Alan, make it look easy! They seem to be enjoying themselves too!

I asked Amy to pick out one of the favorite daily menus so you might get an idea just how well-fed these kids are. She chose Monday’s menu. It starts with French toast and sausages patties. Yogurt is popular and offered every morning. They flavor plain yogurt themselves with vanilla or homemade strawberry sauce or even the fresh huckleberries the campers picked themselves! A fresh fruit platter is set on each table and canned peaches or pears are an option. Cereal and milk are available and OJ or apple juice are served at every breakfast.

Monday’s lunch is barbecued burgers with all the trimmings, homemade potato salad, chips and homemade cookies provided by the ladies of the local congregations.

For Monday dinner, think “Thanksgiving.” Yes, whole, roasted turkeys, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade dinner rolls and tossed salad with brownies for dessert. During HS week, one lucky birthday boy got a whole pan of brownies to himself! In the evening they might enjoy a cup of mulled cider or hot chocolate.

Our cooks are always happy to accommodate those with food allergies or dietary restrictions as long as they know in advance. There is no grocery store nearby.

Our cooks put in their order with Grant’s Market in Tonasket where Rose and crew do a terrific job of putting it all together for us. Members of Immanuel, Mark and Wendy, pick up the order in town on Saturday morning each week and deliver it to camp. We owe them our thanks along with all the people it takes to get this delicious food on the table – including KP. Yes! Your kids do know how to set the table, clear the tables, wash the dishes (no dishwasher at camp!) wipe the tables clean and sweep the floors!

Mission Fest Sunday & High School Week

Immanuel Lutheran Church's annual Mission Festival was held Sunday, July 30 with an outdoor celebration service in the Gazebo and attended by many locals and former residents, members, campers and staff members. Deacon Paul Schuldheisz led the service and our speaker was Rev. Dr. Harald Schoubye of Winnipeg, Canada. Worshipers were treated to an interesting and entertaining PowerPoint presentation as he explained his work in seminary education in South Africa, Ethiopia, Ukraine and India. He and his wife, Cynthia, will be returning to Ukraine this September. The Schoubyes will be back to Ortoha to lead Bible Study during Middle School week. 

The well-attended service was followed by the potluck, which lived up to its reputation. If we were light on anything this year, it may have been chocolate, but the desserts were amazing and it looks like it has been an outstanding year for the berry family of fruits! Friends near and far enjoyed catching up on the "news," going for a swim and picking those plentiful huckleberries.

Eightteen kids registered for High School Camp week which began with ice breakers and swimming at the lake. Jim and Kim Helleson are back this year (with young assistants, grandchildren Jimmie and Luci), lots of great lessons and plenty of shenanigans too! Connie Kuhlmann and Jayne Bowes have some fun crafts planned. Cooks Amy and her dad, Alan are putting out quite the spread at every meal. Oh, doesn't it make you wish you could go to camp?

News from Grade School Week!

Here's the latest report for camp!

What the cooks had to say:

It is Wednesday night and the 35 energetic grade-school campers plus staff were served spaghetti, Cesar Bacon Salad and garlic bread. I think the only thing not home-made were the spaghetti noodles! Even the bread was Amy's recipe. Head Cook Amy and her dad, Pastor Alan Visser prefer to make most meal items from scratch. They say they always have a little food leftover but are pleased with how very little waste there is.  They have also been making fresh fruit available throughout the day and the kids are enjoying that. It seems to cut down on cookie consumption too! Another surprise was that they found these kids go for yogurt topped with granola! Oh, they still get plenty of eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and french toast - but this morning they went through five quarts of yogurt with Amy's homemade strawberry topping! Thanks to our hardworking cooks, who will be back for high school and middle school camps.

Meet a couple of our counselors:

Netsanette is a June graduate of Ferris High School in Spokane, a fourth generation Ortoha camper and an experienced Ortoha counselor. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When she was 5 years old, she and her older brothers were adopted by John and Amy of Spokane. She would like to become a primary grade school teacher but before she continues her education, she has accepted a position as an au pair (nanny) for a French family who live just outside of Paris. While in France she hopes to continue her dance training. Throughout her young life she has developed skills and talent in many forms of dance. She will be moving to France in late August and we wish her well on this new adventure!

Alex began attending Ortoha in 5th grade and this is his 7th year serving as a counselor. He is a 2014 Cashmere HS graduate, receiving both his HS and AA diplomas, thanks to Running Start. This June he graduated from Western Washington U. in Bellingham with a double major in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. He plans to take this year off to work in the medical field and to prepare for his M-Cat exams and then apply to medical school. Alex enjoys kayaking, hiking, biking and deep sea fishing and he hopes to travel the world.

We are grateful to all of our fine and dedicated counselors! Director Brian chooses carefully, trains them well, and expects a lot from them.